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Many moons ago, most businesses didn’t even use computers, believe it or not, but that all changed in the 1980s thanks to a host of innovations coming out of Silicon Valley in California, many of which were pioneered by Jobs and Apple.

Today, Macs are the go-to standard computers for many industries and have been for well over a decade.

The innovations that Jobs and partner Steve Wozniak made in personal computing during the late 70s and early 80s are widely known and often imitated, and many of their creations have helped to popularize personal computer usage. Today’s Macintosh variants, known as the iMac, run on Apple’s Mac OS and offer business owners many unique and inventive features.

The computers use an iPad or iPhone-like interface (which, at this point, is familiar to almost everyone, even those who don’t own either device) that handles a variety of applications that can be relevant to almost any business. Among these applications are some Apple standards that prove to be both simple and useful: Safari, their built-in Web browser, iCal, a calendar app that lets users maintain schedules, appointments and to-dos, Address Book and Time Machine, which allows you to easily back up your data in case of an emergency. Macs can also be integrated with little to no effort with iPhones or iPads, two of the most widely-used smartphones and tablets, respectively.

The Mac OS Dashboard allows users to easily track everything that is running on their computer at one time, which makes navigating through and keeping tabs on everything you’re doing much simpler.

Part of why Macs have caught on for many businesses is because of their strong, natural defenses that are built into them. Apple’s safe and secure design protects them against almost all types of viruses or malware by providing in-depth security at all levels of operation, from hardware to OS to apps. Macs provide businesses with a simple and cheap method of keeping their hardware functioning and...