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Unit 7: Happiness

By Karin Latzer

HU300 - Art and Humanities

Prof. Beth Palmer

March 16, 2011

Unit 7: Happiness

Happiness, a very general term as to who we live and grow up with, to how our genre, environment, education, careers, travels, and so much more, gives us the ideals of our perception or actual realization to what is happiness. I have chosen my two Interviewees of entirely different genres and how they perceive happiness.

Interviewee # _1__:

First Name Only: Carol Ann

Age: 15

Occupation: Student

Acquaintance or Nature of Relationship to Interviewer: Daughter

Q: Please define what happiness is to you?

A: Being positive inside and out, not only on how one feels for what others say about you, but how you see yourself.

Q: Has your definition of happiness changed over the years, and if so why or why not?

A: Yes, my definition of happiness has most definitely changed. What used to make me happy was just running around the yard barefoot and climbing trees. Now it’s spending time with my mom and friends.

Q: Do you feel your definition of happiness will change again over time, and if so why or

why not?

A: No, I do not think it will change much over time. I think that spending time with my mom always makes me happy and always will, and feel the same when it comes to my friends. \

Q: Who or what do you think influences your definition of happiness; grandparents, parents, friends and/or career, education, wealth, health, religion, sex, etc., and why?

A: Again, my friends and my mom most definitely influence my happiness without a doubt. They always know how to make me laugh and smile and seem to be in a very positive mood, so I feed off a lot of positivity.

Q: Do you feel that others happiness influences you; such as family, friends, acquaintances, co-workers, etc.?

A: Yes, I do feel that other people’s happiness influences me, because seeing someone else able to be in a good mood, makes me feel good as well....