Week 3 Assignment ~ Analyzing Credibility

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Analyzing Credibility

~Part 1~

I watched the news clip of “Giulani Remembers 9/11” which was paid for by CNN to create the interview done by Larry King with Giulani as the host and the Wendy’s commercials which was paid for by Wendy’s. I did not detect a slant from Giulani’s interview as he presented facts as they happened, free of any bias. The Wendy’s commercials, on the other hand, had an obvious slant as their aim is to present their products at an exceptionally low price that cannot be missed. Giulani’s interview presents a society which is waking up to the danger of terrorism and is taking necessary steps to prevent this kind of tragedy from happening again, his claims are based on facts and is most definitely credible. Wendy’s is presenting its commercials to a society of consumption that is attempting to make their offer as appealing as possible with its low price. Their commercial always shows the actors eating their food; this is not a credible depiction of how society at large is.

~Part 2~

I am not skeptical about Giuliani’s credibility as he was the former mayor of New York and amongst the heroes of the tragedy which occurred on 9/11. I did not detect any bias from his speech as he based himself on facts and accomplishments done in the years since the tragedy happened. He mentioned that he had expected results from this to take time to get implemented but they are becoming a reality.

~Part 3~

They claim having the choice of three different hamburgers for $0.99 each which is credible. In one of Wendy’s ad, they also claim that their double stack hamburger is “fresh never frozen” which I am skeptical about considering the type of food they serve. The ad plays into the desire viewers have for nourishment, presenting the food as being very tasty. It targets the existing desire we have to eat fresh and tasty food which they claim has not been frozen, making their meals more delicious. It does not invoke feelings or use...