Club It Part One

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Club IT Part One

David Cosme


August 17, 2011

Pat Gomes

Club IT Part One

Many people of different ages have a club or clubs that he or she go out and enjoy every Thursday, Friday, or Saturday night. The Club is a local happening music scene handled, directed, supervised, and owned by two people named Lisa Tejada and Ruben Keys. These two owners finished remodeling, a wide-range modernizing of the internal part of the Club. Lisa and Ruben undertaking of this club is to have a live entertainment, DJ, dancing room, refreshments, plus a variety of music that will go well with what the client’s want or lifestyle. The changes and remodeling of the club starts to pay off, but the information or advertising of the club was falling behind.

Opening a club appeared like an exciting and fun venture to go on and both of them possess many years of experience in the club scene. This club has a jazzy atmosphere that clients enjoy and became the talk of neighborhood newspapers and magazines. Club IT has a high energy lighting, high-level ceilings, and this creates a revealing relaxing surrounding. Even though this business is a major hit with the clientele, and the club is running smoothly. Ruben and Lisa felt that there was something missing from this whole experience. Lisa and Ruben have employed an intern to lend a hand in making the club a better place to be. The purpose is to offer a feasible connection between data management and information technology to help improve the general efficiency of the club.

In order for Club It to be competitive with the different bars and clubs within the area, the club has to cater to a clientele that consist of college students and local professionals. Lisa and Ruben will be able to vision numerous characteristics of the club’s clientele. The club owners can implement fresh inventive ways that will help the place run smooth and sufficient. As the owners of Club IT Ruben and Lisa said, “We offer you live music,...