Personal Development Skills

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Personal Development Skills

From infancy to adulthood, a person’s emotional development skills differ on many levels; for example: a person may have the ability to manage a whole department but lack a few skills necessary to manage the people who work in that department.   I feel as though I can relate to this issue due to the fact that even though my employees get their jobs done, I sometimes sense that they do not consider me their manager because I was once their co-worker.                

Managing people

The way managers and supervisors treat their employees determine the rate of retention and turnover.   They interact daily with people who have individual needs and expectations. They significantly influence the attitudes, performance, and satisfaction of employees within their department and other departments. The stress of trying to lead and satisfy so many people's changing needs and expectations can be overwhelming, to say nothing of the demands from upper management. Being both firm and caring at the same time causes many to feel inadequate for the role. Forty percent of turnover is reportedly due to an inadequate relationship between the employee and their direct supervisor (Vroom (2006). Where trust is lacking, performance suffers. Enhancing ones emotional intelligence enables people to regulate their emotions and motivate themselves more effectively – allowing them to manage their own emotional turmoil effectively and demonstrate compassion and empathy for their employees, also provides them with the courage to push against the system to make necessary changes for their people. All employees want a supportive, caring manager who has their best interests at heart and in knowing this the employees are more likely to stay with the company for the long run.


            Most managers don't know how to delegate. That's not really surprising, because no one ever