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De Chavez, Donnalyn

Fernando, Nińa

Gloriani, Arabella Kristine

Gregorio, Vincent Paul

Manangan, Alvin Neil

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See, Mark Jonathan

Yumul, Maria Carmela

AUGUST 12, 2010


Cover Girl is a cosmetic brand since 1961. It started by offering medicated products for those with skin problems. Currently, it offers products for all. It has been distributed by Procter & Gamble since 1989, making it one of its top-sellers.

Cover Girl established a proposition that ‘America's look is Cover Girl.’ This proposition was able to sell the extensive but inexpensive beauty line of Cover Girl to consumers. The advertisements of this proposition were able to create a girl-next-door look of the American women.

Cover Girl moved to another campaign which let women give their own definition of what beautiful is. This Cover Girl campaign did not say what ‘beautiful’ is, unlike the former campaign. It gave women the freedom to choose and create their own beauty using Cover Girl cosmetics. It appealed to the confidence and independence of consumers, rather than Cover Girl being the hero and dictator which states what consumers should be. In addition, this campaign extended the reach of Cover Girl to more affluent consumers. It appealed to women who are more sophisticated. It changed its image, packaging and formulation. This campaign broadened its reach to sophisticated and older women. In history, Cover Girl was purchased by young women who wanted to experiment on looks using inexpensive cosmetics. This campaign was created as well to be able to penetrate other places in the world.

Also, Cover Girl believes that women have both the inner and outer beauty. This is shown in the long time sponsorship of Cover Girl to programs that encourage women to help in charities....

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