Training and Mentoring Program

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Training and Mentoring Program

Training and Mentoring Program

With the job analysis complete and a better understanding of what the new sales department mission is the task of preparing the staff for entrance into a new area of products and services sales will require modification of the current training program. Part two of this report will outline this new training program. The following will identify what areas need to be addressed under the training and mentoring program, what are the objectives of the program, what type of performance standards are required and how will the training be delivered. The next section outlines the content of the program, timeline for implementation, evaluation methods, progress feedback, and alternative methods for those requiring further development. The report begins with a needs assessment of the program.

Program Needs

The desired outcome of this program is to have a fully trained sales staff to properly market and sell the full service product line that InterClean-EnviroTech offers its customers. For this program to be effective, the human resources department will conduct research in this market to understand the regulatory, legal, and liability issues when offering services to customers in this market segment. As a majority of the current clients and future customers are under federal regulation emphasis must be placed on this area in regard to compliance with established programs. The training program will require a qualified corporate trainer who has experience in this market and due to time, constraints may be brought in from outside the organization. New facilities will be required with full audio, visual, and Internet connectivity to include video conferencing capabilities.

Objectives of the Program

The primary objective of the program is to establish an effective training program that after completion will equip the sales staff with the knowledge and ability to provide outstanding customer service from...