Exhaustive Study of Kidswear

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EXHAUSTIVE STUDY OF KIDS’ WEAR We are focusing on, 1. Product Assortment 2. Product Pricing 3. Product Innovation 4. Latest Trend 5. Retailing of the product PRODUCT ASSORTMENT: The variety of product lines that a company produces, or that a retailer stocks. Product assortment usually refers to the length (the number of products in the product line), breadth (the number of product lines that a company offers), depth (the different varieties of product in the product line), and consistency (the relationship between products in their final destination) of product lines and how do the variety of products are arranged in the floor space. It is also called as product mix. In kids‟ wear the product assortments (Table 1) are done on the basis of different age groups. Table 1: Category Infant Toddler Juvenile Boys & Girls Party Wear, Accessories Age range 0 – 2 years 2 – 4 years 4 - 7 years 7 – 12 years 4 – 12 years

Example 1: (Figure 1) In Lilliput – product assortment is done for girls‟ apparel (4-12years) Figure 1

Example 2: (Figure 2) Disney Infant focuses on products for children ages 0-2, delivering high-quality products to celebrate key moments in a baby's life. As a result, all Disney Infant products now fall under two umbrella brands: Disney Baby Einstein and Disney Baby [Winnie the Pooh, Mickey Mouse, and Disney Princess].

Figure 2

PRODUCT PRICING: There are varieties of kids‟ wear which are priced based on its value addition, production cost, service cost and management decision. Some of the kids‟ wear product and it price range are given. These product ranges (Table 2) are taken from Mothercare. Table 2: Product Unisex 0-12 months Baby girl 0-12 months Baby boy 0-12 months Baby girl 1-3 years Baby boy 1-3 years Girls 3-8 years Boys 3-8 years Footwear Nightwear Swim shop Christening & special occasions Dress-ups School shop Bags & accessories Character shop Rain shop Price Range in Pounds (£) 4 - 15 3 - 17 3 - 16 4 - 15 4 - 16 3 - 15 4 - 17 5 - 20...