Organizational Rationale and Implementation Plan

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Organizational Rationale and Implementation Plan



August 1, 2011

Marguerite Stocker

Organizational Rationale and Implementation Plan

For a number of weeks executives at General Mills put to use a number of decision-making techniques to formulate a plan to establish a manufacturing plant on the southern side of Kava in addition to a boutique store designed for downtown Kava. Chris Morales, the founder of General Mills, working with Alex and Nik, made an executive decision for General Mills to give back to the people of Kava, directly reflecting the values of General Mills that state “Everything we do reflects our strong core values and we live these values every day” (General Mills, 2011). The decision to establish a larger presence in Kava is not only in the best interests of General Mills, but also fulfills government’s request in bringing the General Mills culture to the island, a byproduct of which will benefit the people of Kava.

Determining Factors

Kava is in an area that experiences natural disasters like typhoons, tsunamis, fires, earthquakes, tornadoes, and volcanic eruptions in addition to possible man made disasters like petroleum spills and HIV/AIDS. Exxon/Mobil maintains five active oil derricks off the eastern coast of Kava are well kept; however, still poses a threat to the Kava coastline because of the threat of typhoons and tsunamis.

After discussing possible building sites with the government of Kava, there was a determination to erect a manufacturing plant on the southern portion of the island and a boutique store in downtown Kava by the end of 2011. When looking at the pros and cons of General Mills establishing a greater presence on Kava, Chris Morales came to this determination using a combination of problem solving tools and techniques. First employing starbursting, Chris and Alex wrote who, what, where, when, why and how on a piece of paper. From each of those points both were able to practice...