J & G Garden Case Study

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J & G Garden Center Case Study

1) Retain Division – This division is as profitable as all other divisions combined, and since John Weed is a local with a strong sense of community, these profits will allow him to give back more to his community and help out. The Weed’s have taken every precaution know, and are thorough with their work, and safety procedures. They could implement a follow-up policy to make sure the customers are properly taking care of their lawn. Other companies are going to be doing the same business, and may not take as much precaution as the Weed’s. The Weed’s are providing a valuable service to the community, which is clearly in demand. Think about how many people could be hurt or affected if they try to do such treatment themselves without the proper training!

2) Eliminate Division – No amount of money is worth going against ones conscious. If the community is being affected by such services, it is time to stop such things and focus more on the existing business, or create another forward thinking division. Just because other people are engaged in a business, and it is legal, doesn’t necessarily make it morally correct or acceptable. The effects have been seen already with a customer’s dog. What if the runoff did get in the water supply? If they lose that lawsuit, not only are the profits gone, the entire company is shut down. The Weed’s should raise prices 5% across the board, and start an aggressive marketing campaign with repeat customers, and community service with the slogan “Helping Grow Our Community.”

3) In strict terms, the business owner only bears the responsibility of the law. Each business owner will feel more responsible than others, so it is a personal thing. The saying, “buyer beware” is a good one, as long as the important information is made readily available to the consumer.