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Finding out that you are going to become a parent for the first time, changes a person’s life forever. Instantly you begin to think about all the different ways you are going to raise your children. You learn early that listening to music and reading to your unborn child will help in their early development. It was after learning about this, that this author immediately went to the book store and chose several different children books to begin reading nightly to our unborn child. The first author chosen was Eric Carle. He was chosen because of his artwork on the covers of each book he has written. Each cover was colorful and showed artwork in another form. He quickly became the favorite children’s author and remains a family favorite to this day. In the following paper, Eric Carle’s life will be detailed. An explanation of events and qualities that make Eric Carle is a true success will be explained. The debate of whether nature or nurture mattered more in his creativity will be examined. Clarification of what tradition of artistic achievement Eric was following or leading will be given. A list of his best creative examples will be provided. Finally, this writer will provide an explanation of what impact did Eric Carle had in his time and on today's society.

The Life of Eric Carle. In 1929, Eric Carle was born in Syracuse, New York. At the age of six, he moved back to Germany, Carle grew up in Hitler's Germany, a country gearing for war. His strict schooling was counterpoised with encouragement from an art teacher who praised the young boy's drawings (Eric Carle Biography, 2011). After the war ended, Carle joined the art academy and began his art career in designing posters, and creating a portfolio. After 23 years of longing to return to the United States, Eric returned to the states only to be drafted by the US Army and stationed back in Germany. It was there in Germany that Eric There he met his first wife. After...