Week 2 Objective Summary Ldr 531

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Week One Objective Summary - Abstract

The following discusses and analyzes the effects of attitude and emotions with regard to how individuals or work teams motivate toward a successful objective. The incorporation of globalism, technology, and diversity in corporate industries requires specific diplomacy concerning personality and ethics. Further exploration of the aforementioned provides excellent material for discovering methods, which support employee motivation, satisfaction, and performance. Individual or team output depend on the previously mentioned traits and how the qualities assimilate to one another. This piece develops a plan to guide the achievement of inspiration, fulfillment, and accomplishment.

Evaluate How Attitudes and Emotions Influence Behaviors

People’s attitudes and emotions directly affect their behaviors. Someone’s attitude and emotions are a part of who they are, how they view perceive other people, and events around them, and will ultimately affect how they act. It is important for people to know how to control their attitude and emotions when necessary. Emotions can be short lived, like getting angry about a comment or action, however strong emotions can alter someone’s mood and attitude about a situation. It is very important for people to be aware of their emotions and attitude and how they are portraying themselves to others. Being able to make decisions after reflection instead of based on emotions is important in many situations. Application of controlling emotions and attitudes is important in the work place. For example, there are times when co-workers can get angry or frustrated with other co-workers in meetings or in emails but it is important to realize when emotions and attitudes are changing and start to think about the situation differently and control emotions and keep a positive attitude.

Explain Ways Personality & Values Influence Behaviors

Personality and values affect the behaviors...