Ethical and Moral Issues in Business

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Ethical and Moral Issues in Business



June 20, 2011

Ethical and Moral Issues in Business

Morals and ethics play a large role in life, social atmosphere, and business. Research for this paper will show thorough definitions of both morals and ethics and differences between them. Differences between personal and business ethics will also be highlighted. Finally real world ethical issues will be analyzed by using critical thinking skills.

Morals and Ethics

Morals are described as codes of conduct put forth by a society or religion accepted by the individual for their own behavior. We decide as individuals what type of moral compass we want to follow. It is highly unlikely that two different individuals have the exact same set of moral values. With that thought in mind, it is impossible to say that one person is right or wrong based on personal morals.

Ethics are the principles, norms and standards of conduct governing an individual or group. Using different guidelines on ethical conduct helps leaders more clearly determines appropriate and inappropriate conduct. Different types of ethical questions would be as follows:

Deciding what types of client gifts are acceptable.

What determines a conflict of interest, or bribe?

Filling out appropriate expense reports.

There is a difference between morals and ethics. Morals define more of a personal character, as ethics are those morals applied in a social system. Ethics are an expected behavior the individual is expected to abide by while in the group.

Differences Between Personal and Business Ethics.

Many people have developed a strict personal set of ethics that come into play everyday. While

being employed with a company that may force the individual to put their personal morals aside to

benefit the whole of the company, society, or even the law. The following are a few examples of

differences between personal and business ethics....