Capitalism Is Killing Democracy

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I-Chun Chiang

JUNE 12, 2011


A Critique of “How Capitalism Is Killing Democracy”

Robert B. Reich in his article, “How Capitalism Is Killing Democracy,” points out a phenomenon that democracy gets hurt as capitalism keeps growing. He thinks that we need a clear boundary between the responsibility of capitalism and of democracy, and he also states that we need to take our roles as citizens seriously. However, I think the author confuses the definition of capitalism and is on the wrong track, because he only focuses on the negative sides of capitalism. Besides, the suggestions which he gives us in the last paragraph are impractical.

The author states that “Capitalism is killing Democracy.” In the introduction of the article, the author says that “capitalism is thriving while democracy is struggling to keep up.” He also gives the view that “capitalism and free markets are accompanied by inequalities of income and wealth, increasing unemployment, and environmental hazard.” “Democracy is a system for accomplishing what can only be achieved by citizens joining together to further the common benefit.” However, he says that “no democratic nation is coping with these negative side effects effectively, because corporations are writing with their own rules by lobbying, bribing and seeking laws that give them a competitive advantage.” The author also mentions that most people are of two minds: as consumers /investors and as citizens. To fix and solve problems which capitalism brings, the author suggests that “it is imperative to remember that we are also citizens who have it in our power to reduce these social costs, making the true price of the goods and services we purchases as low as possible” and “We have to take our roles as citizens seriously” in the last paragraph.

In this article, I agree with the author in some parts. It is a fact that capitalism does hurt democracy. As globalism and capitalism grow at a rapid pace, many corporations try their best to...