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How do you get the most influential motor journalist in the country to gladly take part in defining your new car model as the car for an entire generation? And how do you get the busiest top ranked student in the country to line up to test drive it? And also get them to gladly spread the word in their own channels and forums?


For the critical Audi A1 launch in 2010 Audi Sweden developed a pioneer take on introducing a new car model. And by doing so exceeded all communication objectives.

We filmed the most influential motor journalists as they discuss the new Audi A1 in the context of historical generation cars so they could publish the film in their own media. This was a unique method, and it is virtually impossible to put a value to, but the content of the message had a big impact and helped build the hype around the car before the launch.

We got the journalists themselves to define the Audi A1 as the generation car for the 80´s generation. And once we had established Audi A1 as the generation car the next step was to make it relevant to the target audience.

By creating ”Test drive your idea”, we let the entrepreneurs of the new generation pitch their business ideas to business coaches during a test drive. This positioned Audi as an innovative car manufacturer for progressive and innovative people and the campaign was spread mostly through the target audience´s own channels at the universities, in career and entrepreneur blogs and in related forums and through social media.


Launch Audi A1 as a new car for a new generation of car owners. And reach them in their preferred media.


In 2010 Audi A1, the smallest model from Audi yet, was the most critical launch of the year. Audi A1 was a new-comer in an existing segment of well-established competitors like the Mini Cooper and Volvo C30. In addition Audi A1 also targeted young adults – an audience without any prior relations with car companies. And it was vital for Audi to get into...