Teamwork and Facilitation

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Amelia M. Fermi

Don A. Roces Sr. Sci-Tech High School

Topic: Teamwork

Co-Operative not Competitive

Together Everyone Achieves More

It is a very powerful acronym for the word team which is a part of everyone’s life. Team is used in all aspects of life. We are a member of a family team, an extension school, church and community teams. And as a result, there is a need for teamwork.

Teamwork on the other hand can be defined as the ability to work cooperatively with others and work together as opposed to separately or competitively to achieve a common goal. Just like in our teambuilding where we were asked to build a paper bridge and a strong and high bricks, we applied there the characteristics needed for teamwork including understanding, mutual agreement, open communications, mutual trust and support, appropriate member skills and sense of leadership.

Those teambuilding made an important realization to us that the development of effective working relationships among staff teams is a gradual process which requires considerable time and skill. Team should work together s a unit. The outcome can only be positive if a sufficient amount of teamwork is used. Whether or not each individual realizes it, they are putting complete trust in the other members of their team to work together and achieve one common goal.

But in some instances in a team, co-operative natures somewhat lead to competitive behaviors because of individual goals from group members, which is often case in the managerial ranks. For me, it is always better for a team containing one leader than teams with no leaders or multiple leaders because a group of people must be formed by a leader using his position of authority to be successful.

Oftentimes, we think of a team as a group of two or more people who met regularly and influence one another over a period of time, sharing common values and striving for common objectives, but an effective, well-functioning team is much more than this. It is a...