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Perform Situational Analysis on Fe'Nix Del Sur.

* Base on company

* Base on Customer

* Base on competitors

To do the Decision Making Process "DECIDE"

* Define the problem

* Enumerate the decision factors

* Consider relevant information

* Identify the best alternative

* Develop a plan for implementing the chosen alternative

* Evaluate the decision and the decision process

I. COMPANY | * Fe'nix del Sur is a company, which sells South American and African antiquities. * It is also a source for Southwestern Indian authentic jewelry and pottery. * It was the leader in authentic Southwestern jewelry and pottery yet now has expanded to sell pre Colombian artifacts from South America and burial artifacts from Africa. * Fe'nix del Sur has established itself as one of the most respected sources of these artifacts. * In 2001 the company started selling replicas along with its authentic products. [i.e The replicas are so good that only a true collector would know they were not authentic] * The company now has craftsmen in Central America, South America, Africa, and the Southwest. * To this date, replicas only account for a small portion of the company’s total revenues and the company didn't want to initially expand into replicas. These items are usually purchased by gift buyers and are not what the company really wants to be selling. * The company’s gross sales are about $25 million and its profits have been steadily increasing by 20% over the past decade. * The company is being recognized to the popularity of the company’s product line and expanded distribution of South American and African artifacts. * The company distributes its products through specialty dealers (interior designers and decorators), sponsored showings, and exclusive department stores. Usually the company remains the sole supplier to its buyers. |

II. CUSTOMER | * Fe’nix’s clients were...