The Tired Swimmer

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Part I

1.What vital signs or symptoms does Annie exhibit?

Annie's symptoms are that over the past month her swimming rates slowed, she had blurred vision, eye strain, her hands and fingers felt weak, she was having trouble catching her breath and she felt very tired.

2. Can you see any common features in Annie's signs and symptoms?

Some common features in Annie's sign is that all the signs point to muscle issues. If the muscles in the eyes are working too hard then it causes blurred vision and eye strain. Also when you work out, lactic acid builds up on the muscle with cause pain and weakness of the muscle. The diaphragm is a large muscle that plays a major role in breathing. A muscle disease can account for all the symptoms in the case.

3. Why is Annie having problems breathing?

Breathing is an involuntary function that can also be controlled voluntarily. The rhythm and rate of breathing are controlled in the medulla oblongata in the brain. If something, like a tumor, was effecting the portion of the brain then it could also have an effect on breathing.

4. What are the possible reason for Annie's condition?

It seems to me that two possible reasons for Annie's condition is that she might have a muscle disorder or a tumor on medulla oblongata on the brain

Part II

1. What additional vital signs or symptoms does Annie exhibit?

Annie's additional vital signs is that she is sleeping longer than normal, she still has shortness of breath, she has been under a long period of stress, her hands and fingers are tired, her eyes are strained, have blurred vision and she had a period of eye drooping.

2. Draw a cross section of the mammalian spinal cord, include the dorsal and ventral roots and draw a muscle to one side on the spinal cord. Draw in a reflex that includes a sensory nerve, an interneuron and a motor nerve.

3. How could a decline in muscle function contribute to eye strain and blurred vision?

In looking at the eye muscles and the suspending fibers...