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Business Plan- Sky Cinema Café

MMBA-6510-6 Leading People

Professor Cynthia Letsch

October 21, 2010

By; Sandra Smith


Sky Cinema Café is a movie theater that offers a dining experience while watching a movie in a relaxed atmosphere. The Cinema café have been around since1895. The first Cinema Café was in Europe. It was started by the Lumiereie brothers. It was presented at Grand Café in Paris in 1895. This type of Cinema allows the patrons to watch a movie whether it be first class or second run while enjoying a movie in a relaxed in atmosphere.

Sky cinema will be introduced as a sole proprietorship and eventually be franchised out. Sky Cinema Café will offer services such as internet, fax, and phone services. It will also offer a variety of food products that include the basic movie food (popcorn, soft drink, candy, and peanuts. Sky Cinema Café will also offer sandwiches and appetizers to its patrons. Sky Cinema Café will be one that will allow patrons to enjoy their time in the Café. Airport. The fist Sky cinema will be open at Columbia Metropolitan Airport. It will be a sole proprietorship .It will house two cinema area and approximately seating for 300. Most patrons of the Sky cinema Café would be that of business or military personnel.


Sky cinema Café is a theater that will be inside the airport. It will be available for the patrons of the airport who have time between flights and travel discrepancies. Sky cinema Café will offer travelers and other patrons the most sought out experience with dinner and a movie. Sky cinema Café will be a movie theater that will offer second run movies for a discounted price while serving food. The patrons of Cinema Café’ will enjoy movies while waiting on flights and so forth.

Sky cinema will provide travelers of the airport a leisure atmosphere. It will be in main areas of local airports. Sky cinema Café will have so much to offer the weary travelers. Sky Cinema is...