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It must be a really tough time with Leadership Today if market shares are going down and the company is losing to its competitors. If I had a chance to speak with upper management, I’d let them know that their company is a reflection of them. Just like how a child is a reflection of the home they are raised in. Mid-level management has been stressed with the fact that they don’t have the freedom to make timely decisions to help their clients. The workers in mid-level management positions are there for a reason. They made it to that position because they qualify and meet the requirements to reach company goals. One thing that is required with members of management is trust. Upper management must learn to have enough trust in mid-level management where they will be given the freedom to make certain decisions to help clients. What’s a family/business/relationship without trust? A broken one.

Another thing that is necessary is like all successful companies, everyone works hard. Everyone has their fair share of weight that they have to deal with depending on their responsibilities. Some people come to work stressed out, yet they give 100% effort at work. The employees help keep the company afloat and successful. Management must recognize that the employees aren’t robot and are human who have emotions. When someone, group of individuals, or even a whole department does well they should be recognized for it. Doing so will help the employees stay motivated to continue to do the best they can. Not doing so, and your employees from all departments may end up feeling under appreciated. If anything, it would be nice to have company events every 6 months or so where you all celebrate, reward, and encourage those who are doing well. You are the leaders of this company and the people who work for Leadership Today are your family. They look up to upper management because they trust you, believe in the vision of the company, want to help attain that goal/vision and ultimately...