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Foodmart Incorporated Paper

Dan Kingsbury, Chad Theunissen, Angelina Jobin, Alicia Joseph

University of Phoenix


June 27, 2011

Tara K. Miller

In this paper four scenarios will be analyzed in reference to contractual legality. The first scenario deals with Foodmart Inc. filing a lawsuit against Masterpiece for breach of contract for the work they performed. Foodmart Inc. contends that by subcontracting to Build, the work was completed to standard they required. The second scenario deals with the sale of a used car to a minor. Jeremy lost his job and wants to return the car, cancel his contract, and the return of $200 that was his down payment. The third scenario deals with a verbal contract between Harry and Brain. Brain promised to sell his train set to Harry when he retired; Harry borrowed money and built a room for the train set. Harry is suing Brain for breach of contract because Brain sold the train set to his neighbor. The fourth and final scenario deals with Todd and Foodmart Inc. over the sale of chocolate sauce. Todd uses only this sauce in his restaurant and when it was going to be discontinued he saw an ad from Foodmart Inc. advertising the sale of this sauce. The ad states it is not for online ordering and is limited to stock on hand at the local store within a 10 mile radius. Todd places an order from his local store online, but it is sold out. He requests the store to obtain the sauce from another store. Todd is suing Foodmart stating the contract is not valid.


In this scenario, Foodmart, Inc. is a company who has hired Masterpiece Construction to perform a job. When Masterpiece Construction finds that they have signed to many contracts, they decide to subcontract to Build Them to Fall Construction. Foodmart, Inc. did not know about the hiring of Build Them to Fall Construction by Masterpiece Construction until poor quality of work was noticed post construction.

Most contracts will read that a contractor...