Recruiting and Selecting Sales Force

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Discuss the importance of recruitment and selection of sales people. What are some of the problems associated with selecting the wrong person for the job?


Hiring a person is easy, but hiring the right person takes more effort and makes a huge difference. Recruitment that focuses on simply hiring warm bodies can cause unanticipated problems. The quick hire can require hours of supervision and time spent in discipline, retraining and, worst case, termination. Employers are always looking for the right staff to fill the job vacancies that they have on offer.  In order to be truly effective it is essential that a business has the right kind of personnel. Therefore, finding the right sales people means that recruitment and selection processes are a key factor in the success of any business.

In order to ensure the right kind of recruitment and selection of staff means that an employer should be aware of the kind of skills that they want an employee to have and useful to company. This means that employers need to be quite specific when they advertise a vacancy. They should be precise in providing criteria of salesperson they wish to hire.

Importance of Recruitment and Selection

The importance of recruiting and selecting the sales force is that sales people represents the company to customers. To most customers and prospects, the sales people are the company. Sales people are the representative of the company to sell products to the target group of customers. How they present the products, what they say to customers, and how they react with face-to-face interactions directly influence the company’s sales success. There is a need for recruitment of sales people due to the reasons of retirement, promotion transfers, employee turnover, growth and diversification of business activities (Recruitment and Selection in Call Centre 2011). For example, when the company’s employee turnover is high, it is very important to recruit new sales people in order to...