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Internasional school in indonesia

international school is a school that leads to a learning system with international standards. in Indonesia, so many have founded the international system in schools. especially medan, medan also commonly found in schools that use learning systems like this can improve the quality of Indonesian students.

many opinions said the international schools exist only in big cities but not in remote areas. so the students who are in town will be more advanced than the students who live in the village.

a lot of things cause is not applicable international school system in remote areas. First, there is no teacher who can communicate fluently English speaking while the international school system must speak english. second, there is no money to meet school facilities such as language laboratories. those things that cause students who do not live in the city difficult to communicate the English language. needed attention to the schools located in remote areas for fluent English. however, not enough English language only, but all the important subjects should also be considered.

so, the international school that has developed in major cities continue to improve the quality of a good education and disipline and can provide direction or visits to schools located in the village to inform the learning process of the international system, so enough to know the students who were there . government also should not be silent without doing anything but must pay attention to the schools that have not been able to apply this learning system as ini.sistem Indonesia will improve the quality of education is more advanced and produce children of Indonesia which is useful in domestic and abroad.