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Knowledge Management (KM) means management of organizational knowledge for creating business value and generating competitive advantage (Tiwana, 2000). KM is viewed as an increasingly important discipline that promotes the creation, sharing, leveraging of organization knowledge.

The research paper shows that Housing and Development Board (HDB) as leader in the development of house in Singapore feels the urgency to implement Knowledge Management System in the company. With the strong knowledge management, HDB believe that the knowledge management system can improve the innovative and effective thinking within the staff to share the knowledge through the system.

In this report, there is further discussion about HDB background as a provider of housing need for the nations. Furthermore, HDB show us how the company implements the knowledge management system practice and the challenges that the company faces during the implementation. The research paper draw out the benefit and the recommendation for the company to improve the knowledge management system more effectively based on the sound business practice from the observation of the company.


The first Singapore Improvement Trust (SIT) had been made to cater public housing needs for the Singaporean. Unfortunately, the organization not working properly as in intended to. Slum threating the country as it expand more swiftly and rapidly following the growth of the nation. Because of that, HDB (Housing and Development Board) of Singapore was set up as one of the statutory board of the Ministry of National Development that is responsible for public housing during the time. Within 10 years, organization fulfills the function of what it must. And within these 50 short years, it has built more than 900,000 HDB flats across the island, housed more than 80 percent of Singapore’s population, with 95 percent of them owner-occupiers. (Poh, 2010)


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