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My biome from spring to fall is usually warm or hot, fairly dry with some rain here and there. During the spring things here are pretty nice. Everything to me is just where it needs to be. The wind is not too cold the sun is not too hot, but in April it always rains a lot and everything get drenched. In the summer things really heat up. It does get really hot, but that is not the problem the temperature reaches 90’s a lot, but the humidity is what drives the heat index way up to around the 100’s. Summers are usually dry with rain here and there and extremely humid. Winters are frigid cold and frozen. Our average temperature is around 20’s and 30’s plus wind chill. We do see a lot of snow, sometimes too much. All the humidity is gone and leaves just frigid coldness around.

A plant that lives in my biome is an oak tree. The characteristics of the oak tree are that they are broad leaved deciduous tree that is considered one of the best shade trees. They produce fruit in the form of acorns and grow to be around 50 to 70 feet tall. Oak trees flourish in my biome due to plenty of annual rain and sunlight.

The fox squirrel is the largest of the tree squirrels and has reddish brown tint to its body. They have four sets of whiskers above and below their eyes and have a set in front of their throat all used as touch receptors. These squirrels do not hibernate, but are active all year round. They forge all year round and hide food in the ground for winter or even later that night. During the winter months they dig up their buried food and can use their tails to wrap themselves up in and keep warm. These too flourish in my biome due to the plant life receiving all the annual rain and sun.