The Four Functions of Management

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The Four Functions of Management

Understanding the importance of the four functions of management and how they relate to everyday business operations in the workplace is essential knowledge for managers at all levels; Top Level, Mid-Level and Front Line Managers must be able tow the company while at the same time maintain an interpersonal relationship with non-management personnel. The use or non use of management techniques in the work place can affect the performance and morale among employees or group members in day to day business operations. Obviously the proper use of good management techniques such as Planning, Organizing, Leading and Controlling will set your business on a path of success, vice the path of non-productivity and workplace stagnation when functions are not introduced and implemented properly. In the following paragraphs I will discuss these management functions and how the relate to the workplace environment.

First let’s define one of the four functions of management and see how the proper use of this function helps develop team members and increase their productivity. The Planning function of management is very important as it tends to set a base line for the office and its personnel; it gives them a sense of direction and an expected outcome of company projects. Planning is specifying the goals to be achieved and deciding in advance the appropriate actions needed to achieve those goals. Planning sets the stage for action and for major achievement according to (Koontz).1 Workers usually see planning initiated from the top level down to the worker level, business plans are established at higher levels and are expected to be implemented at lower echelons in order to achieve organizational goals. In my present position at my place of work I recognize the management planning function and how it is implemented on a daily basis. I work in a military unit where the unit mission is achieved by following a well thought out...