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Antonio Radic

FAS 101


Picture 2D analysis

1st painting

First painting, “Resting on the River”, is art piece from Chinese artist Xiao Fan. We see fisherman's boat which he lives in and his fishing boat next to. That other boat is empty empty. The birds flying in the center wake up a sense of relaxation. The medium used in this painting is watercolor. Whole picture is not detailed, though it is realistic. Boats seem like real boats, trees look like real trees. But the haziness is taking some of the reality.

The misty atmosphere created by fog gives us feel that trees going farther and farther. There is a lot of green color which varies in intensity and value. The more intense and lower value of green is, the closer that tree is. We can also see brush strokes. This art piece is full of curved lines which give us more peaceful sense. This range of cold hue of green and little bit of the blue transfer a peaceful sensation to our thoughts.

That picture is painted in atmospheric perspective so trees that are blurry and less detailed are more distant. Actually the whole horizontal planted position of two boats and lines of water surface expresses the stability and placidity. Like the fisherman inside of that boat are resting and waiting for fishing time. Tall trees seem to have greatness and dignity. The central position of fog divides picture horizontal into two equal parts so I think that is a clear use of line as edge. The horizontal axis of fog divides trees from water The focal points are two fishing boats, not just because of the shape but because they’re brown which is the only thing that pop out from all that green color. The painting is balanced but is as asymmetrical. Green hue lines achieve the depth of picture so boats with warm brown color come in first plan.

2nd painting

This painting is beautiful example of a landscape. The whole picture is covered with tulips with an exception of road that goes through it, windmill and...