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Entrepreneurial Leadership

The Business Enterprise

October 23, 2010

Common Elements

There are a number of elements common in the leadership theories or philosophies of Steve Case, James Kouzes, and Peter F. Drucker. Case discusses three things that you must focus on to become a successful entrepreneur in the lecture: "People, Passion and Perseverance: You've Got Entrepreneurship." Case's philosophy centers on what he calls the three "P"(s). The three "P's ' are: "People, Passion, and Perseverance." Case insists upon the notion that People, Passion, and Perseverance are the main areas in which a successful entrepreneur must concentrate. Case's perspective as it relates to people: he insists that no matter what business you are involved with, you must be aware that people are the most valuable resource. This is not only refers to employees, but to customers as well. Customer satisfaction is the ultimate goal because this insures repeat customers. Management of any business or industry must be acutely aware that customer satisfaction is the best marketing tool available. In order to create a healthy and robust customer base, respectful intercommunication between customers, management, staff is essential. It's all about making the connection, knowing the importance of the customer in the business transaction.

The second "P" in Case's model for business leadership is "passion." According to Case, the entrepreneur must have a passion for his business. In order to rise above the crowded world of business, the entrepreneurial spirit must be arduous. Spirit, forcefulness, fervor, and, an intense concentration to details is a trait which usually translates and evolves out of enthusiasm for the adventure. One must be extraordinarily focused on customer satisfaction; that only have your customers satisfaction at heart, letting your customers satisfaction be your ultimate goal. The third P representing "perseverance" Case explains keeps the overall...

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