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The Hypertensive Boss

I. Statement of the Problem

Mrs. Liza Nakpil’s unprofessional manner in dealing with office conflicts and


II. Objectives

* To create a healthy, good, and open-minded working environment that will provide

the opportunity for continued professional growth.

* To develop a committee or a department that will tackle certain employee emotional and/ or behavior issues within Supreme Corporation.

* To maintain a good working environment for the Senior Officers with in Supreme Corporation.

III. Areas of Consideration

A. Strengths.

Even if Mrs. Liza Nakpil is the youngest senior officer in the company (Supreme Corporation), she is armed with a 10-year experience in one of the most advanced multinational companies in the Unites States. She is an able-bodies leader who knew how to make things work and people move.

Assigned to head the Corporate Planning team, she revolutionized the unit by introducing computers into the mainstream of operations which cut delivery time and increased work output tremendously.

B. Weaknesses

On the downside, Mrs. Liza Nakpil had a very bad temper. Most of the executive officers and staff are overwhelmed by fear whenever they would get the chance to interact with her.

C. Opportunity

In a meeting with regard to an account that went sour for the company, Mrs. Liza Nakpil was brought into attention by a college (Mr. Olondriz). To quote: “Well, this problem would not have gotten this big if everyone was doing his job. I mean these things would not have happened if Liza was doing her job”. Needless to say, Mrs. Liza Nakpil was severely affected by this incident.