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The Learning Environment



| For education in school to be effective, the environment needs to be conducive to learning, allowing the pupils space and time to interact within the learning and teaching process.   Creating and maintaining stimulating learning environments can be achieved through effective classroom organisation, interactive and whole school displays and a climate of innovation.Points Arising from Research | The best learning environment is one of high challenge and low stress |

| Ritualised and patterned positive teacher behaviour influences performance |

| Constant and varied exposure to new material encourages quicker and deeper learning |

| Differentiated structures are necessary for effective individualised learning |

| Constant and varied exposure to new material encourages quicker and deeper learning     |

| Music can be used to improve recall as well as create the chosen learning  environment |

| Incorporate a range of teaching strategies within planning |

| Ensure resources are appropriate, accessible, identifiable and relevant to children’s learning needs |

| Environment should support pupils to become independent and active learners |

| Adopt a collaborative approach when planning for children’s needs |

| Good visual display can improve recall and attention by up to 80% |

| Equal opportunities form an integral part of the formal and informal curriculum


Key Elements of the Learning EnvironmentThe visual environment:

  | Whole school display linked to theme, which supports a planned set of values of the whole school community |

| Good learning and teaching displays in classrooms and corridors reflecting a broad and balanced curriculum which is well matched to the needs of the pupils |

| Displays include a variety of languages and scripts, positive images of minority groups and positive role models for all pupils and staff |

| Teaching resources and displays reflecting the...