Week 2 Team Assignment

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Week 2 Team Assignment


In this paper the subject of discussion is to compare different styles of thinking. When analyzing these different styles of thinking, it will be examined referring to how the critical thinking process is affected by these different styles. Also to be examined are the effects and applications of critical thinking within the workplace and how each thinking style weighs on the critical thinking process and decisions.


Critical thinking can be defined in many ways, but critical thinking can be more accurately stated as “thinking explicitly aimed at well-founded judgment, utilizing appropriate evaluative standards in an attempt to determine the true worth, merit, or value of something” (Paul & Elder, 2006, p. 69). When one uses critical thinking, it is that the decision that needs to be made is one of significant importance and value. Although people make decisions every day not all of them are of the importance that would need critical thinking. The use of critical thinking is important in everyday business dealings. In business the skill of critical thinking leads to more effective decisions for the organization.


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