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Google Talk gets translation services (via robots)

Translation bots – Google talk help

Google previews new translation services

Alan Turing said, "The extent to which we regard something as behaving in an intelligent manner is determined as much by our own state of mind and training as by the properties of the object under consideration." Given the developments in cloud computing, automatic speech recognition, instantaneous optical recognition, and real-time translation of languages in mobile devices, are we now closer to achieving artificial intelligence and singularity? Why? Will the humanity be better off with or without the passing of singularity? Which benefits will we enjoy? Will we ever have to be worried about a system like HAL, the malevolent computer in the movie "2001"? Explore ethical implications that will be realized.

After your initial posting, participate and respond to at least two of your fellow students’ postings and begin a critical debate with them. This will stimulate critical thought and help you recognize theoretical gaps or flaws in basic assumptions, both yours and your classmates.


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“Were not quite there…but its coming” Joel Shepherd 8/31/2011 7:40:02 PM

“Were not quite there…but its coming”

Im not sure if we are closer to achieving Artificial Intelligence versus expert computers. There have been many recent breakthroughs that would lead us to believe we are closer. Google’s translation bots allow us to text someone in another language and it automatically translates the words into the other languages and vice-versa (Lowensohn, 2007). Google also has a picture-to-translation capability that translates words from pictures taken with the phone’s camera...