Hr Roles and Responsibilities Paper

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HR Roles and Responsibilities paper 1

HR Roles and Responsibilities paper

Cesar Petit Dieu

University of Phoenix

MGT/431 Human Resources Management

Jeff Jones MBA, SPHR

March 3, 2009

HR Roles and Responsibilities paper 2

HR Roles and Responsibilities paper

This paper, will explain [pic]the changing role of Human Resource Management[pic] (HRM) into reply in the direction of development [pic]in globalization, technology, diversity, e-business, and ethics.[pic] . "Changes in the population, in technology, in employees' expectations, and other aspects of the business environment place heavy demands on modern HR professionals—and anyone else involved in management (The McGraw-Hill 2004)." The [pic]function as well as tasks of[pic] human resource management [pic]comprise altered significantly in the past decade. Many of these changes have been [pic]in response to trends in globalization, technology, diversity, e-business and ethics. The impact of[pic] technology and ethics are not new to organizations or human resource managers. Globalization, diversity and e-business are terms that were not even considered until this past decade. Trends in Globalization The first impact on the changing role of HRM is globalization. Companies are finding that to survive they must compete in international markets as well as fend off foreign competitors' attempts to gain ground in the United States Globalization is creating significant challenges for the human resources professional. Significantly, human resources departments need to develop new procedures and processes to adapt to the rapid shift of organizations towards globalizations. This theme was attended to directly by Rioux, Bernthal and Wellins (n.d., p.3)

HR Roles and Responsibilities paper 3

The impact of technology

Technology impacts every aspect of how we as human beings perform our work. Technology is a tool that...