Civil Liability Police

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Civil Liability and Private Police Paper

Many laws exist that govern the legal authority and the licensing of the companies

dealing with private sector. In this paper the subject to discuss are regarding some of the laws that govern the private sector.

When hiring or wishing to obtain a license for private security services, according to the Virginia Regulations Relating to Private Security Services organizations, with the inclusion of the ‚Äúprincipals supervisors and electronic security employees, certification as a private security training school, certification as a compliance agent or instructor, or a private security registration or private security certification‚ÄĚ (2008) should submit the completed fingerprint card to be approved by the department. They should also submit an application provided by the department to process the fingerprints and criminal history background information. The background checks are then scrutinized by the police department of Virginia.

Before a business license is issued, the application should meet the requirements of licensing and the application submitted to the department. There should a document showing that the applicant of the license has a surety bond in the amount of $100,000, which is executed by the surety company, which is authorized to do business in Virginia. For non-residents applying for a license, a form should be completed for the department to serve as a service agent for all court-involved actions. According to the Virginia Regulations Relating to Private Security Services the identification number is then issued to those who qualify for the license by the Virginia state corporations commission for the verification that the organizations is authorized to conduct business in Virginia. A physical address in Virginia where records are required to be maintained by the code of Virginia is kept available for inspection when necessary (2008).

The license is then designated according to the type of...