Decisions in Paradise 1

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Decision in Paradise Part 1

Angel M Torres


September 1, 2011

Carlos Campos

Decision in Paradise Part 1

On the South Pacific there is an island by the name of Kava. This island, because a string of disasters that occurred the country struggles to rebuild and reboost their current economic situation. Las Palmas Medical Center has been asked to help aid the country back to life. Las Palmas Medical center has helped many countries in the wake of disaster. With the help that Las Palmas Medical Center will provide to many people especially children and older generations in Kava, the company will be able to focus more on the positive than the negative.

Las Palmas mission is to protect people from more disasters and to aid them from any diseases or infectious or even viral incubus plague. With over 60% of Kavas population under the age of 15, the need of a hospital is greater. With the help of Las Palmas Medical Center the children of Kava can have a place to go for medical care, free meals, clothing, and even education. The parents of the children will have less to stress about reason being they will know that their young children are well taken care of.

With the country of Kava, the economy survives on the growth and making of bananas, coffee, spice, cocoa , tourism, fishing, natural gas, and labor. With Las Palmas Medical Centers presence in Kava, it would create and open doors for more tourism. By having such a well-known hospital such as Las Palmas more tourist will feel comfortable coming to visit and volunteer at the Las Palmas Kava branch. This will help reboost the economy. Las Palmas can also help the economy by employing local laborers to help build and design the new buildings. This will help to establish Las Palmas in Kava, and make it feel more of a family oriented hospital.

Las Palmas Medical Center will construct a safe house for children and their families to go in case of a natural or un-natural disaster. Kava has many...