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For many people, the most difficult part about following a diet is understanding what constitutes a serving size. How many servings of meat are you actually getting in that double cheeseburger? The dietary guidelines are relatively easy to follow once you establish a frame of reference for serving sizes. Do your definitions of serving size differ from those of your friends, the restaurant around the corner, or your dining hall? Do you need to make some adjustments? Learning to do so goes a long way toward helping one live a healthful life.

1. How well did you do? Were you generally in agreement with the quiz?

I did pretty well, all the servings except for two is what I would usually eat. The ice cream was definitely smaller than what I generally eat. I would actually triple that for a usual bowl, and that’s only for one at times I can eat two bowls which would equal 6 servings. The same with cereal I don’t fill up on cereal so it would be y servings as well. I do not like to eat a lot of meat so the serving that was showed was more than I would eat. Red meat is rare for me to eat, I usually replace it with chicken or pork, beef just does not sat well with me. My mother is the same way growing up with her food habits of low fat, no fried foods, and consisting mostly of fruits and vegetables made me have similar taste with food. Hopefully my two children will follow in their diets as they grow older as well.

2. How do you think having a better understanding of serving sizes may help you monitor the amount of saturated fat, cholesterol, and calories in your diet?