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Marketing |

Advertising and Promotion PlansWe will budget $50,000 for a commercial, including production and airtime. The commercial will be 60 seconds in length and will run in our targeted area.Our initial advertising budget will be $1,000 per month for local print media, mainly in Sugar Land Magazine and UpClose Magazine. Estimated cost including creation and initial print run of brochure and business forms: $5,000. Future direction for advertising and promotion will be directed by the growth rate of our business. We will have a link to our website on the sites of all of our local partners. Our local partners will also display brochures for our service at their locations.We also plan to join our local Rotary Club and Chamber of Commerce as a means of networking with local business leaders. |

Purchasing and Inventory ControlIn our service business, merchandise and management of inventories will not play a large role. However, we will need to maintain office supplies and equipment, delivery vehicles including maintenance, and communication tools.Purchase Orders will include: * Price and terms * Always in writing * Complete specifications * Delivery deadlines Any changes or extras must have prior approval in writing Internal controls will be in place for shipping and receiving. |

The CompetitionOur only direct competition is restaurants that offer delivery. They often have too high a minimum order, or charge too much for the delivery fee. We will take advantage of these weak points by offering no minimum order and a relatively low delivery fee. Also, we offer delivery from any restaurant within the 15 mile delivery area, which provides our clients with more options. |

E-Commerce |

E-Commerce PlansWe will use the internet as a major source of advertising and communication. Our website will be devoted to allow clients to place and track orders and to browse the menus of our partners. We plan to aggressively market our business...