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The Islamic Opinion on War

The emissary is not to be killed.  Trees are not to be felled. 

The animals are not to be slaughtered. 

The houses are not to be razed and the supply of water is not to be cut off”

The Holy Prophet (PBUH)

Islam preaches peace and condemns war.  There is a general impression that Islam is a militant religion and it was spread by sword.  Islamic concept of Jihad is always misrepresented .Most of the people’s opinion that Islam is a militant creed. The question arises why such views cropped in the minds of people?  There is not a shred of doubt in it that some of the Muslim rulers in the greed of expansionist designs exceeded the Islamic limits.  They were aggressors, tyrants and despots.  In the name of Islam they raided the peaceful countries and in the monarchic zeal they trampled the human rights under their feet.  Their acts should not be regarded as Islamic acts. Not only the Muslims are to be blamed.  The human history is drenched and weltered with human blood.  The blood baths in the name of territory or religion are the specks on the brow of history.  The way the Mongols ransacked and persecuted the innocent people it is unprecedented in human history. Genghis Khan looted, plundered and pillaged mercilessly.  The Mongols killed seventy thousand persons in Khorasan and thirty thousand people in Bukhara, Samarqand and Nishapur.  The men, women and children were brutally massacred.  Stepping into the footsteps of Genghis Khan, Hulogu also mercilessly killed hundreds of thousands Muslims in Baghdad. But what our modern and cultured people have done with human race? The World War I and the World War II split the blood of million humans.  The British trampled the human rights under jackboots in India, Iraq, Egypt and Sudan.  Imam Muhammad Shirazi in his book entitled “War, Peace and...