How Personal Can Ethics Get

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“How Personal Can Ethics Get?”

Vanessa B. Lee

Strayer University

Business 520

Leadership and Organization

July 17, 2011

Professor Gary Shelton

How Personal Can Ethics Get?

Many organizations provide ethical policies and procedures for their employees. This is a positive move because organizations are run by individuals from different backgrounds, countries and cultures. Thus these individuals all have different values and senses of what is right and wrong. When an organization creates ethical policies and procedures it provides an avenue to provide the supervisor, managers and employees with an idea of what the organizations core values are. It provides an overall idea of what the organization considers to be ethical and unethical behavior elevating the need for employees to assume what the organization will or will not tolerate. What are the avenues afforded to those individuals who know about fraud or miss use of a company’s funds and assets to expose this immoral behavior?

1. Discuss how personal differences and preference can impact organizational ethics.

Organizations are essentially run by people from all aspects of life. These people are from different cultures and countries which mean that they have different values. Because ethics is essentially what an individual determines as moral and what is immoral, values and ethics are central to any organization. Both ethics and values are extremely broad terms that companies need to focus in on because these aspects are most relevant for strategic leaders and decision makers. Values are defined as those things that are important to or valued by an individual or an organization. Values are important when it involves a relationship to the vision of a company or organization. It is imperative for organizational vision to be based on and consistent with the organizations core values. An organizations core values could consist of, integrity, professionalism, caring,...