Mexican Oranges

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The following are the five (5) main themes for research of the Mexican oranges citrus research program, to wit:

1) To increase consumer demand for the Mexican Orange Citrus

Since there is a limited strategic marketing and promotions of Mexican orange citrus in the domestic market, through effectively marketing this product in the domestic market would help increase awareness and improve consumers’ perceptions on the benefits derived from citrus Domestic consumers will be persuaded to buy more citrus produced from the region. This would lead to an increase demand for the product. Hence, there would be an increase volume and margin growth in the domestic market.

2) To improve the competitiveness of the citrus industry

With the introduction of new technology in the citrus industry, the farming methods would result to improved on-farm productivity. There would be an increase number of produced citrus, a bigger fruit sizes, and quality of the final product. Trainings and seminars will also be conducted to Mexican citrus producers on the new farming methods to improve farm and supply chain productivity by using proven technology. In addition, by introducing, breeding and evaluating new varieties and rootstocks would improve productivity and quality of the citrus products.

3) To improve the information and communications systems in the industry

At present, the Mexican citrus industry is small compared to its competitors. However, through the implementation of a collaborative approach would enable the industry to compete more effectively, be able to survive, and eventually prosper. Providing opportunities to discuss strategic issues is an important step in developing and implementing attainable plans and actions for change through having regular meetings to agree action plans on strategic issues that would significantly impact on industry...