Hispanic American Diversity

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Hispanic American Diversity

Donna Kelly Alcorn

ETH/125 Cultural Diversity

April 3, 2011

Diane Rodriquez

Hispanic American Diversity

Hispanic American diversity is very apparent in our culture today and it varies by many differences within our population. In this document I will identify four Hispanic groups living in the United States today. I will cover the linguistic, political, social, economic, religious, and familial conventions of Mexican Americans, Puerto Rican Americans, Cuban Americans, and Salvadoran Americans. I will show how each is the same and how they are different, but I will also touch on how they have evolved becoming Americans themselves.

Some Mexican Americans speak English with difficulty and tend to lean toward the traditions of their ancestors. With each wave of Mexican immigration certain aspects of that culture seem to be reinforced and the use of the Spanish language has been maintained. Some states even encourage the use of Spanish as a second language for other Americans. Also in some of those states businesses encourage and cater to Spanish-speaking Americans. “For the most part political participation by Mexican Americans historically has been limited by discrimination” (New Mexico Association for Bilingual Education (NMABE), 2006). As they began to adapt to political and social traditions; however, they set out to demonstrate they were true Americans. Today Mexican Americans hold several political positions in the United Stated Government ranging from Congress to Chiefs of Staff. “Socially, Mexican Americans were involved in movements such as the United Farm Workers Association; thus far bringing their communities together and advancing socially with other minorities to help shape a better America” (Gill III, 2011). Agriculture was one of the major labors Mexican Americans provide, so they were a major contributor in...