Psy/201 Week Six

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Week six assignment

For this essay I chose the article “The intersections of social class and the transition to adulthood”.

I chose this topic because it is very interesting to see how social class effects the transition into adulthood. It speaks about how children from low income and middle class families are disadvantaged from the beginning, and often do not make up for that later in life. The article also talks about how the move into adulthood has shifted since the 1970’s. People are getting married later in life and not making the transition into adulthood until their late 20’ and early 30’s. Where as previously, the intent was to find a suitable partner as soon as possible and transition into adulthood.

If I was writing a research paper on the subject I would use bits and pieces of this article. It is very informative, and I believe to be a creditable source. All of the facts are backed up with citations, making it easy to double check the information that is being presented to the reader. It is also very informative, gives details about how you social status at birth can be a precursor to the path that you will follow later on in life. How low income families often do not have children that graduate high school if offered full time work. How middle class children often must work full time while attending higher education settings, just to survive. It also speaks of the opportunities that are offered to those of well to do families, they have more time to transition into adulthood. They can afford the high price of furthering their education; parents have the resources to keep their home open to them as long as needed while attending school. The article was very insightful and peeked my interest on the subject.

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