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Ford Motor Company

Corrie Madison-White


August 7, 2011

Andrew Rosenberg

Ford Motor Company

In this paper it will be determined if the Ford Motor Company is financially healthy by comparing Ford to General Motors and Daimler AG. It will also be determined if the company has any technological advances, how globalization has affected the company, and a benchmark analysis will be performed.

Ford Motor Company

Ford Motor Company respectfully declined to accept the bailout that was offered from the government to prevent the automotive industries’ collapse. In the beginning of the collapse Ford was reporting loses. However, Ford has made a turn around, has been holding on to their market share, and they have been consistently making a profit every year. On December 31, 2010, Ford reported a gross profit of $24,503,000, which is a $7,086,000 increase from the year before (Yahoo Finance, 2011). In viewing the income statement, balance sheets, and cash flow of this company it was learned that this company has had revenue as much as $146,277,000 and there was nothing found that was concerning (Yahoo Finance, 2011).

General Motors

General Motors did accept a bailout of $6.7 billion from the government and have claimed that it is paid in full early. However, it has been said that General Motors has not paid the loan in full. They have also filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy protection to reorganize the company (CNN Money, 2009). In December 31, 2010 General Motors reported a gross profit of $16,648,000. The year before General Motors was in the red. Their gross profit was reported as -$7,606,000 (Yahoo Finance, 2011). In viewing the income statement, balance sheet, and cash flow of this company I learned that this company has had financial trouble in the past. I am concerned that General Motors may not fully recover because every penny earned will go toward repayment in the chapter 11.

Daimler AG

Daimler AG was another...