Arnold Palmer Hospital

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Executive summary

HJK Pets Service is conceptualized to provide mobile pet grooming and pet daycare facility with high customer satisfaction by offering an excellent service and quality pet care. We also accommodate a fun, clean and enjoyable atmosphere, at an acceptable and affordable price. Here in HJK, we sustain a friendly, creative work environment which respects diversity, ideas and hard work.

Today in this modern era, pets are playing major role in our live and the owners are choosing to provide them with a good life. Loving family with active pets and an active conscience are looking for better lives for their pets and peace of mind for themselves as well. Therefore HJK provides a customer convenience orientated service by offering them a full mobile grooming and pet daycare facility.

Through my personal observation, I have found that, that there are quite number of pet grooming and pet day care center in Ipoh, however this pet grooming centers does not provide a mobile pet grooming service at the moment. We, HJK pet service have come out with this mobile pet grooming service with an aim, to accommodate the customer with quality service at their front door.

There are two kind of mobile service that we offer to the customer;

1. The professional groomer from our center will go down to the customer’s house and does their grooming service using the facilities in the house, for example, bathtub. These professionals will bring their own supplies and equipments. Or,

2. If the owners feel inconvenient to do it in their home, then our center will send a grooming van to their place. These vans are literally a grooming salon that goes to the pets instead of the other way round.

The notion of introducing this mobile pet grooming service in Ipoh is;

1. It is convenient for the pet owner, save on travel time and fuel and finally the pet owner does not have to rearrange their schedule to fit in their pet’s grooming appointment.

2. The pets will...