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Dr. Jose P. Rizal, our national hero, indicates here how he values education. That out of his fervent love for our Motherland, education seems for him a way for us to extend our deep and warm gratitude to every wonder that we receive from Her everyday...

Rizal, a man of exceptional intelligence, knows the that key to well-maneuvered gifts of his dear country is the 'awareness of everything.' Thus education is the one that trains people to fish their food in the dark sea of trouble. It even serves more like a fishing rod than like a fisherman --- always ready to be handled by anyone who deserves it!

And Rizal is a product of diligent quests for all the best in the world. That he never lets himself live a mere receptacle life makes him able to shower his shining knowledge over the soil of pure affection where the roots our Motherland supposes to absorb her fortitude.

A nation where educated people outnumbers uncivilized ones, excavates treasures more cherished than any stones of the earth. The weight of our desires to stand firm on the ground where our beloved country lies, marks the turning point that leads our hope for a brighter east.

Three nations did rape our Motherland, thus thrice we suffered too --- time when poor thinking was tremendously everywhere in our land. But the long repose from the graveyard that our fool ancestors did make is eventually over. That thrice the world saw our three horrendous fall, then thrice we emerged through the help of those who value most the luminous essence of education... the best light that every nation receives!

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