Operations Management

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Ortea, Luzviminda T.

1. A doctor completes a surgical procedure on a patient without error. The patient dies anyway. In operations management terms, we could refer to this doctor as being efficient but not effective.

- Yes, the doctor is efficient but not effective.

2. Technology has been a major driver of change in business for over one-hundred years.

- True.

3. Operations Management strategic issues tend to be primarily directed at planning how to efficiently schedule material and labor within the constraints of intermediate level decision-making.


4. Learning curves have a wide range of business applications.

- True.

5. Learning curves can be applied to individuals and to organizations.

- True.

6. A learning curve is a line displaying the relationship between unit production time and the cumulative number of units produced.

- True.







1. Efficiency means doing the right things to create the most value for the company.

- False.

8. Operational planning and control decisions address where the factory or facilities shall be located and how much capacity will be needed.

- False ~ Plant within Plant

9. Effectiveness means doing the right things to create the most value for the company.

- True.

10. From an operations management systems view, a traveler is an input to an airline's transformational system.

11. A visit to a hair salon can produce a tangible result—a new appearance for the customer. Hence, the output of hair salons is a manufactured good, not a service.

- False ~ A service.

12. An order winner is a set of screening criteria that permits a firm's products to be considered as possible candidates for purchase.

- False ~ Order qualifier.

13. An order winner is a set of criteria that differentiates the products or services of one firm from another.

- True.

14. In the operations strategy framework...