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Pick ‘n Pay’s business environment is very dynamic and consists of different components.

First of all, in order for Pick ’n Pay to exist they need to have an Internal Environment. Pick ‘n Pay needs to have employees, a management team, Resources such as capital and know-how. They need to set objectives and goals in order to fulfill the mission of the organization. The employees of Pick ‘n Pay are an important resource of the organization. Floor personnel make sure that customers on the floor are assisted; if a customer needs to find detergent, the floor personnel is there to show him/her which isle to find it on. Supervisors ensure that the floor personnel are doing their job properly. Management sets goals and objectives and overseas the whole organization and guides it.

Another component of Pick ‘n Pay’s business environment is the Market Environment. This kind of environment involves manufacturers, intermediaries such as transporters of groceries. You also find competitors in this environment; these are organizations that compete for the money in the customer’s pocket.

In the Market Environment you find CUSTOMERS. The customer is the main reason Pick ‘n Pay exists in the first place. These are the people who walk into Pick ‘n Pay to buy their products. These are the people who will access Pick ‘n Pay’s website to book travel deals online. The customer is the life and blood of the business.

SUPPLIERS are also found in the Market Environment. These are the people who provide Pick ‘n Pay with goods and ser vices which they then sell to the final consumer. An example of a supplier would be a flour manufacturing company. This company supplies Pick ‘n Pay with flour, Pick ‘n Pay uses this flour to bake doughnuts, muffins, bread etcetera, which they then sell to the final consumer. Without the supply of flour, Pick ‘n Pay would not be able to produce/sell baked goods.

Another component of Pick’ n Pay’s business environment is the External Environment. The...