Attorney's Ethical Responsibility

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CheckPoint: Attorneys’ Ethical Responsibility

An attorney takes on many clients during their career. Sometimes the clients are guilty and sometimes they are innocent. This raises ethical issues, especially when the lawyers are required to defend guilty clients. Depending on the case some criminal rights are violated.

Cases should be dismissed when there is evidence that police forced confessions or police did not read the Miranda rights, even if the client may have committed the crime. Innocent or guilty attorneys are obligated to protect the rights of their clients and “innocent until proven guilty” should always be upheld.

When the police officers neglect to read the Miranda rights to the person under arrest, or force individuals to confess without an attorney being present, that is a violation of the individuals rights.

Situations happen where the client may be guilty, but their rights have been violated by the police. These rights shouldn’t be ignored. Presentation of evidence in court in a reasonable manner is a right that all clients have, guilty or innocent. If the clients’ case is dismissed, and the client is a criminal, more than likely the client will probably be convicted of a different crime later on.

Attorneys’ are paid to defend clients. There should not be any personal opinions and prejudices they may get in the way of defending them. Clients are innocent until proven guilty. Part of determining innocence or guilt is finding out how the police officers treated the client in custody, and whether or not the client really committed the crime.