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“Love has many definitions, love has come at any direction, love is a way to show our affection and love can make us a better person”.

There was a girl named Claire. She was kind, understanding, simple, beautiful, shy, and cheerful person. She wants to prove that she can give color in the life of other people. She wants that every person should be happy. She always bears in her mind that she must be happy despite of the fact that it’s not completely. One thing she hated most was the “BOYS”. It started when her childhood best friend Mitch past away because of what we called love Mitch took herself into suicide. And because of that she doesn’t want to be in love. All she knew it hurts and she wanted to become a Nun so that she can serve and be devoted to GOD with all her life and soul.

The first time she admired someone during her Elementary years when she was in grade six. The boy asked her to be her friend until they became the best of friends. The name of the boy was Mark and from that day Claire vanished what she believed in about “boys”. Mark makes and wrote poetry and made some creative and amazing drawings and figures and because of that Claire was inspired. After their graduation, they didn’t see each other but because of Mark’s sister and Claire’s school was the same their communication still not missing but some time circumstances are always there, conversations was constantly incomplete. But still our friendship was obtainable.

When Claire’s High school life has been entered, she was concentrated with her studies but one day some thing happened. One of the other sections has a role play and Claire’s section was obliged to watch that so the first group will perform but they were not totally ready. They need someone to perform the role of Juan in “Ibong Adarna”. They found someone to perform that role but he’s in the other group.

Claire looks at the boy smiles and secretly laughs because for...