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Axia’s Educational Resources

The University Library is an excellent resource that one should consult prior to doing internet searches for information for any given project. The information is accurate and does not have to be questioned. There is usually an area from the University Library that can answer any questions that arise. The online resources we are given by University of Phoenix have all basis covered and provide us with a wealth of information.

* Center for Writing Excellence provides many resources for writing. There are numerous resources for writing essays along with guidelines that the university uses. CWE should be used when writing any type of paper.

* WritePoint: provides students with feedback on grammar and usage on papers

* Plagiarism Checker: identifies papers containing work that is similar to another writer’s

* Tutorials and Writing Manuals

* Grammar Tutorials and Samples

* Plagiarism Tutorials

* APA Information, Thesis Generator and Essay Development

* Writing for Other Language Speakers, Software Tutorials and Guides

* Writing Style Handbook

* Center for Mathematics Excellence provides many resources for enhancing math skills

* Running Start: brushes up students basic math skills

* Math Anxiety: provides coping strategies and study tips

* University Library provides research resources

* Article Databases: Search engines

* EBSCOhost

* Gale PowerSearch

* ProQuest

* Encyclopedias and Dictionaries

* Research Tutorial

* Library Handbook and many other resources

Upholding Academic Honesty

University of Phoenix has a student Code of Academic Integrity. Honesty is a must when attending the Axia program. It is never all right to use another’s work, whether unintentional or not. Plagiarism is taking someone else’s published work and not citing...